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News from September 2010

October 3, 2010


As all the members of parliament assembled in front of Parliament House for the opening of the new coalition government, they could not fail to notice the 10m banner screaming: CLIMATE EMERGENCY. [350] 

Why were we there, straining with the banner, in the wind? This parliament has been elected by the Australian people with the expectation they will work at emergency speed to protect our ecosystems and economies from climate change. Co2 emissions are still rising. Although talk is moving in the right direction we are asking our leaders to roll up their sleeves and come to grips with averting dangerous climate change. We wish them all the best in this mission.


A new event from Climate Action Canberra and the ANU Environment Collective


Forum and discussion

 Australia as the world’s largest exporter of coal is supplying the world’s coal addiction. Our coal exports are projected to double over the coming decades. Coal mining also conflicts with land uses like conservation and food production, and has large health impacts. Hear from this switched on panel and then join the discussion about the expansion of coal in Australia and what strategies we should take to do something about it.

The Panel

  • Jeremy Tager: Greenpeace political advisor
  • Paola Cassoni: Co-owner of Bimblebox Nature Refuge in Queensland, threatened by Clive Palmer’s coal development.
  • Walter Jehne: from Climate Action Canberra talking on ‘Our imperative and options to safely draw down atmospheric CO2 levels and secure our safe climate’

 When: Monday October 11th, 6.30-8.00pm

Where: Manning Clark Centre, Theatre 6, Australian National University.

See the online ANU campus map [grid reference26a] to find Manning Clark Centre

 Coin Donation             For more details: Rebecca Horridge 0406375401


 Climate Action Canberra is launching a poster campaign as part of the Global Work Party event on 10/10/10 . Thousands of people will take action towards reaching 350ppm on the tenth of October. We will be putting up posters at shopping centres and on community notice boards. The posters tell the meaning of the number 350 parts per million….the most important number in the world…the concentration of CO2 that allows for a safe climate. . We will be sending them to you by email but if you would like paper copies from us them contact

Look out for them around Canberra.


Canberra 40%

News from Phoebe on the Love 40% campaign

The future for Love 40% and climate change action in the ACT

Over the coming weeks, the Canberra Loves 40% campaign will meet to discuss and finaliseour next steps, and we had a big surprise in store. We were joined by a representative from the Legislative Assembly who told us the next big decisions coming up that will influence how we will get to the 40% target. The legislation around the 40% target provides us with a strong guiding ideal for action in the ACT, it now requires strong implementation policies to make sure it can be met. The two big concerns that the community need to keep an eye on are the Energy Policy, and the creation of the Minister’s Advisory Council on Climate Change.

The first concern is that it’s happening fast. In the next month, the Government will be tabling its Energy Policy to the Assembly. Many of us in the ACT will be familiar with this document, having entered submissions. However, the Government is using this document as our guiding framework for the entire strategy for how we will achieve the 40% target. It will outline the key areas that the Government will focus on. These look to be renewable energy generation and some efforts at building energy efficiency. However, the Energy Policy was created before the 40% target was secured- we wonder how this old policy covers the new and transformative direction for the ACT.

The Government is also closing this policy to further consultation; so we will be locked in. The policy that the Government constructs to get us to 40% must be strong. This target is going to mean big debates within our community, about urban infill, public transport, planning. It will mean bringing very hot debates into the arena about what we want for our city, and what is best for residents, communities and small businesses, not just the major industries like building. We need to know that the Government is forming policy that will allow us to properly address these questions, rather than rushing through poor policies that may simply not work at reducing our emissions. Love 40% will be focussing on the Energy Policy over the next three months, creating our own public consultation.

We are planning another large public forum to let our representatives know that we are aware and involved in their policy choices, and we need them to be sufficient. This energy policy has the potential to be a fantastic driver of real change in the ACT, we need to make sure it fulfils that potential.

The Minister’s advisory council will also be set up as soon as the Climate Change Legislation is formally passed; this could be next week. This council also has fantastic potential; community, business and science representatives will advise the Minister directly on policy ideas and the impacts on our community. However, it is also a forum that could favour industry voices. We need to be certain that the interests of the community are being heard, and that all sectors are bringing creative, innovative ideas that will create a modern and beautiful city directly to the Minister.

These decisions and policies will direct heavily the pace and direction of action to combat climate change and transform the ACT over the next ten years. This will affect the work of all of us, especially community groups. This is a great time for all of us to be taking notice, and letting our Government know the best way to get to 40%. Canberra Loves 40% will remain as a partner to all groups working toward sustainability and taking on climate change, and we’d like to work with you.

Best wishes,
Phoebe Howe info at See for all background to the Canberra ♥ 40%campaign


New SEE-CHANGE Project

Vision 2020

SEE-Change has been successful in receiving ACT Government funding to run a series of competitions in 2011 that will encourage kids of all ages to develop their own vision for Canberra in the next ten years.

We are hopeful that a SEE-Change team of volunteers will help undertake detailed planning for the project during this second half of 2010 including developing three separate “road shows” for presentation by recent school leavers at ACT school assemblies during 2011.

Recent school leavers, parents, grandparents and retired and current school and college teachers particularly welcome to volunteer for this effort. If you would like to be involved in this exciting project and want to learn more please contact Naomi Wynd, Executive Officer See-Change.
office at
Telephone: 02 6162 2320


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