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A million people say: Stop Funding Climate Change

June 19, 2012

stopsubsidiesWant to stop climate change?
Then it’s time to stop funding it!
The Australian government spends at least $9.4 billion – every year – subsidising the pollution that comes from burning fossil fuels. $2 billion of that money goes – every year – to the wealthy mining companies to help pay their fuel bill. Imagine what that money could do invested in renewables – or education – or health!.
That’s why we Canberrans are taking the signatures of nearly a million people from across the planet to Treasurer Wayne Swan, calling on him to cut fossil fuel subsidies. He’s already promised to end them – as have all G20 nations. Now, people will hold actions globally to hold their leaders to that promise.
Wednesday, 20 June 2012. 9:45 until 10:30
We’ll meet on Parliament lawns to celebrate the end of fossil fuel handouts and take a photo of our petition delivery that will be seen around the world. Then, our petition will be taken inside to the Treasurer.
Bring baked goods, thermoses of warm drinks, cameras and friends – we won’t be able to stay on the lawns all morning, but we’ll be able to have a great time while we’re there 🙂
Can’t wait to see you there!
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