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Why Isn’t Climate Change Acknowledged by Everyone ?

January 15, 2019

One reason for the refusal to accept the reality of climate change is what is called ‘motivated interference’ which occurs when we hold a specific bias to ignore evidence.

In addition to motivated interference, there is also a powerful psychological component to this blindness to scientific reality – denial.

A lot has been written about climate change denial and there are clearly many explanations for it. For one thing, an enormous amount of money is being spent encouraging us to ignore climate change. Corporations, especially the fossil fuel industry, have spent huge sums attempting to confuse the reality of climate change. We are constantly told by them that “more data are needed” because “climate scientists don’t agree”.

While no scientist would ever disagree with a call for more research — that call for more research is, after all, found in almost every scientific paper ever written — it is just not true that scientists don’t agree that climate change is real. To some extent, then, we are all the victims of a well-funded and sophisticated misinformation campaign that attempts to keep us in the dark and confused about climate change.

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