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Science Trumps Denialism

March 6, 2019

Those who deny human responsibility for climate change – climate denialists – often claim that modern warming is the same as periods of warming in the past.

This is shown to be false as previous warming was not caused by greenhouse gases but by changes in the Earth’s orbit.

In the graph below the impact of changes in the Earth’s orbit can be seen in the bottom line trace (left hand scale) as the amount of solar insolation (energy reaching the Earth) varies. The temperature impact is measured by changes in the oxygen isotope in the second line trace from the bottom (right hand scale).
Today, changes in the Earth’s orbit should be generating a cooling climate as the amount of solar insolation is falling, but instead, increasing greenhouse gasses are warming the environment.


Human activity has caused greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 and methane) that are now double the levels produced naturally.

The only cause of modern global warming is the increase in greenhouse gases produced by human industry, along with an increase in atmospheric water vapour from that warming.

Methane levels are now 1840 parts per billion.

CO2 levels are now over 400 parts per million.


We are in a Climate Emergency and heading towards a catastrophe for all species dependent on a habitable climate.

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