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Why Isn’t Climate Change Acknowledged by Everyone ?

January 15, 2019

One reason for the refusal to accept the reality of climate change is what is called ‘motivated interference’ which occurs when we hold a specific bias to ignore evidence.

In addition to motivated interference, there is also a powerful psychological component to this blindness to scientific reality – denial.

A lot has been written about climate change denial and there are clearly many explanations for it. For one thing, an enormous amount of money is being spent encouraging us to ignore climate change. Corporations, especially the fossil fuel industry, have spent huge sums attempting to confuse the reality of climate change. We are constantly told by them that “more data are needed” because “climate scientists don’t agree”.

While no scientist would ever disagree with a call for more research — that call for more research is, after all, found in almost every scientific paper ever written — it is just not true that scientists don’t agree that climate change is real. To some extent, then, we are all the victims of a well-funded and sophisticated misinformation campaign that attempts to keep us in the dark and confused about climate change.

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July 21, 2018

Saturday, 4 August 2018 at 12.00 noon – 1.00 pm, Garema Place

Adani is relentlessly pushing ahead with its plans to open its megamine in the Galilee Basin, despite major setbacks to the project we’ve made as a movement. We’ve convinced Australia’s biggest banks along with major international banks to refuse financing the mine, pressured the QLD State Government to veto Adani’s NAIF loan, AND forced major Adani partnering firms Aecom, Downer and Aurizon to cut ties to the project! Yet despite overwhelming opposition of ordinary Australians, our Federal Government is still committed to seeing Adani’s Carmichael coalmine up and running.

Over 75% of the population disapprove of the coalmine but still the LNP and the ALP refuse to step in and stop its construction. In fact, both major parties have actively supported the project.
Now more than ever it’s important to publicly show our opposition and demonstrate our determination to stop Adani! Join #StopAdani Canberra in protest to demand the government and Labor oppose the mine and move Australia beyond coal.

Wear your #StopAdani gear or red and black! Bring your friends, signs and your voice. This will be a fun, powerful and family-friendly event.

Canberra Local Warming

February 25, 2018

Protest at Australian Parliament House to #StopAdani

January 28, 2018

Monday, 5 February 2018 – 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM

Federation Mall, Australian Parliament House

On the first day of Parliament for 2018, let’s turn up in force to show our politicians that the community is ready to ramp up national pressure to make sure Adani’s mega coal mine is stopped once and for all!
Adani has taken some big blows – the $1 billion taxpayer loan is out, 28 global banks have said no, major partner Downer is gone. But this company is determined and will stop at nothing to forge ahead with the mega coal mine.
In 2018 we must turn up the heat on our Federal politicians to stop the mine and get on with the important job of moving Australian beyond coal.
Let’s make sure they see our movement, hear our demands and feel our power from the first moment the Parliament sits!
Invite your friends and bring your StopAdani signs and tshirts.

Protest at the Indian High Commission to #StopAdani

April 11, 2017

12 April 2017 – Wednesday 8.00 AM to 8.30 AM

Indian High Commission, 3-5 Moonah Pl, Yarralumla ACT 2600

Malcolm Turnbull is in India telling Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Gautam Adani that he supports Adani’s mega coal mine.

Join us at the Indian High Commission in Canberra. We will send a clear message that the Australian community does not want this mine to go ahead, and we certainly don’t want taxpayers to foot the bill for $1 billion towards the project.

Protest at the Indian High Commission to #StopAdani

Kayak4Earth Canberra finale & petition hand-over

February 24, 2017

25 February 2017, Saturday 11.00 am, Lake Burley Griffin West Basin
Meet on the banks of Lake Burley Griffin West Basin near the ferry terminal (between the boat hire and the bike hire places) to welcome Steve Posselt as he paddles ashore. Welcome speeches will be followed by mingling over a BYO picninc lunch. Please bring placards and banners (hand-held only)! Then, we’ll wander over to ANU for the presentation and seminar, details below.

Please RSVP via EventBrite for the following FREE afternoon events at ANU:

25 February 2017, Saturday 1.00 pm – 2.40 pm, Manning Clark Lecture Theatre 3, ANU
Steve Posselt’s lively audio-visual presentation and talk about his Connecting Climate Chaos kayak odyssey, followed by questions. Exact location (which building and lecture theatre) to be advised soon. Then, an afternoon tea break, followed by Part 3 at the same location.

25 February 2017, Saturday 3.00 pm – 5.30 pm, Manning Clark Lecture Theatre 3, ANU
Engineers Australia Climate Action Seminar
Engineers Australia welcome to Steve and climate emergency seminar program. Speakers confirmed so far include President of Engineers Australia John McIntosh, Ian Dunlop, Simon Corbell, and Philip Sutton, with MC David Hood.

27 February 2017, Monday 12.00 noon to 12.30 pm, Australian Parliament House forecourt
Petition handover to Adam Bandt MP

We’re already collecting petition signatures to help reach the 100,000 target, so please sign it online right now at

Steve is an engineer, an adventurer, and a passionate climate campaigner. He is making the Climate Emergency Declaration petition the focus of the last leg of his Connecting Climate Chaos kayak odyssey.

Starting on 1 January 2017, Steve has been paddling down the NSW coast, stopping to give public talks and collect petition signatures on the way. Currently he is dragging his kayak to Canberra on wheels to deliver the petition.


Westpac: #StopAdani Launch – Canberra

February 17, 2017


Adani is back.

This huge coal company is again pushing their plans for what would be the largest coal mine in Australia’s history in regional Queensland.

Right now, Adani needs more money.

Twelve of the world’s largest banks have already said no to Adani’s megamine, but three of Australia’s big four banks are still sitting on the fence. NAB has said no. CommBank and ANZ have begun to give ground.

Westpac is the only bank that has said nothing.

Join us to launch a renewed push on Westpac outside their major branch in Canberra to tell Westpac to rule out this climate wrecker.

WHERE: Westpac branch in Civic, Petrie Plaza
WHEN: Monday February 20th at 10am.
WEAR: Please wear red clothes!

This is our line in the sand.

*Please RSVP at*


Canberra People’s Climate March -Nov. 29 join us!

November 24, 2015

Canberra People’s Climate March – join us!

What: Canberra will join thousands of cities across the world on the eve of the UN climate change negotiations in Paris. Our message to international and national decision makers: the community is already taking action, time to follow our lead. We’re aiming for the biggest, most diverse climate action yet. From here on in, we’re all in.
When: 12 midday, Sunday 29 November
Where: Parliament House lawns, Federation Mall. The  800 meter march then proceeds to the Aboriginal Tent Embassy for a Festival. Food and drinks will be available but bring a picnic too.
How: Join a section of the march and wear the colour that represents you, or make your own!
Bring a hat, umbrella, a water bottle, and be ready to walk together down Commonwealth Avenue, past the National Library to Reconciliation Place for our community festival of climate action.
Sign up now: We need you to make the Canberra People’s Climate March a success – sign up now and tell a friend, your family, or colleagues to join you. 

To change everything, we need everyone. So let’s make it clear everyone is at the People’s Climate March! Let’s meet in Canberra at Parliament to present a symbolic message and showcase the beauty in our diversity. We’ll then turn and walk together to Reconciliation Place for a family friendly Community Festival of Solutions with music, speeches and stalls, to celebrate how our communities are leading with action. Inspire and be inspired to create action and change!
Create your own message, come as you are, or join one of our colourful march sections to show that when it comes to addressing climate change, from here on in, we’re all in.


Peoples Climate March, Canberra -November 29, 12 noon, Lawns of Parliament House

October 20, 2015

PCM fb

On the eve of the crucial climate negotiations in Paris people in cities all over the world will take to the streets asking our representatives to cooperate to make a deal that gives us a livable planet. We will march the short distance from outside Parliament House to Reconciliation Place down by the lake.

We will march in colored bands to represent our key reason for attending the rally.

Wear Green if you want to speak for the species and ecosystems that don’t have a voice.

Wear Blue if you want to stand for future generations.

Wear Yellow if you are inspired by climate change solutions.

Wear Orange if you want jobs that help rather than harm the environment.

Wear Red if you are feeling the impacts of climate change now. Bring umbrellas of the right color to keep off the sun and rain at bay.

The event lasts for about 2 and half hours and ends with a festival at Reconciliation Place down the lake.

Festival of Community Action; September 21, 10.30-15.00

September 18, 2014
On September 21, 10.30-15.00 at Chifley Meadows Austraian National University outside Chifley Library

Thousands of Australians will turn out for one of the World’s largest ever days of climate action. Our message is simple – Action, Not Words – as political leaders fail to take real action on climate change, we must empower ourselves and our communities to bring an end to fossil fuel expansion and to protect and grow our renewable energy sector.

Thousands will gather in Canberra for a Festival of Community Action. You’ll hear from community leaders about how you can get directly involved in vital campaigns: to save the Great Barrier Reef, Divest from Fossil Fuels, and Protect the Leard Forest from Coal. We’ll share skills, discuss our vision and prepare for further action. Bring your own picnic and we’ll bring the entertainment – definitely an event for all the family.