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Canberra School Strike 4 Climate

March 13, 2019

Friday, 15 March 2019, 12 noon – 3 pm, Garema Place, Canberra

Everyone who cares about a safe climate future is invited to join the School Strike 4 Climate on 15 March – students standing up when our politicians won’t.

EVERYONE IS INVITED. Tens of thousands of students across Australia and around the world will join in. If you’re an adult, take the day off and join in solidarity.

Australia is in the thick of the climate crisis. Prolonged drought cripples farming communities. Flash flooding is creating chaos in cities. Catastrophic bushfires and severe cyclones threaten people’s homes. Heatwaves are sweeping the nation. Half the Great Barrier Reef is dead. And yet our politicians refuse to stop massive new fossil fuel projects like Adani’s coal mine.

So, on March 15, school students are walking out of school to tell our politicians to take all of us seriously and start treating climate change for what it is: a crisis and the biggest threat to this generation of students and generations to come.


Science Trumps Denialism

March 6, 2019

Those who deny human responsibility for climate change – climate denialists – often claim that modern warming is the same as periods of warming in the past.

This is shown to be false as previous warming was not caused by greenhouse gases but by changes in the Earth’s orbit.

In the graph below the impact of changes in the Earth’s orbit can be seen in the bottom line trace (left hand scale) as the amount of solar insolation (energy reaching the Earth) varies. The temperature impact is measured by changes in the oxygen isotope in the second line trace from the bottom (right hand scale).
Today, changes in the Earth’s orbit should be generating a cooling climate as the amount of solar insolation is falling, but instead, increasing greenhouse gasses are warming the environment.


Human activity has caused greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 and methane) that are now double the levels produced naturally.

The only cause of modern global warming is the increase in greenhouse gases produced by human industry, along with an increase in atmospheric water vapour from that warming.

Methane levels are now 1840 parts per billion.

CO2 levels are now over 400 parts per million.


We are in a Climate Emergency and heading towards a catastrophe for all species dependent on a habitable climate.

StopAdani – 12 February 2019 rally posters

February 6, 2019

Feb12 Poster (1)

Feb12 Poster (2)

Feb12 Poster (1)

Feb12 Poster (2)

Canberra’s Bureau of Meteorology temperature record has 42 days at or above 39 degrees since 1939. These days are becoming more frequent over time.

January 31, 2019

RALLY! StopAdani – Climate Action Now!

January 22, 2019

Tuesday, 12 February 2019, 9.00 am – 10.30 am, Parliament House

Parliament restarts on Tuesday, 12 February 2019!

When they switch on their office lights and fire up their computers, 78% of the electricity that they use will have come from sun, wind and hydro, because of the ACT’s climate policies. See – it can be done, but so many of them are coal-fondling climate crisis deniers.

So let’s protest the first sitting day of parliament to let everyone know that 2019 is the year we stop the Adani Carmichael coal mine and take serious action on climate!

No matter who is in government, this mine cannot go ahead. The majority of the population opposes opening up the Galilee Basin to coal mining. We need to make this clear to all the politicians in parliament!

Let’s make 2019 the year when Australia decides to act on climate!

Why Isn’t Climate Change Acknowledged by Everyone ?

January 15, 2019

One reason for the refusal to accept the reality of climate change is what is called ‘motivated interference’ which occurs when we hold a specific bias to ignore evidence.

In addition to motivated interference, there is also a powerful psychological component to this blindness to scientific reality – denial.

A lot has been written about climate change denial and there are clearly many explanations for it. For one thing, an enormous amount of money is being spent encouraging us to ignore climate change. Corporations, especially the fossil fuel industry, have spent huge sums attempting to confuse the reality of climate change. We are constantly told by them that “more data are needed” because “climate scientists don’t agree”.

While no scientist would ever disagree with a call for more research — that call for more research is, after all, found in almost every scientific paper ever written — it is just not true that scientists don’t agree that climate change is real. To some extent, then, we are all the victims of a well-funded and sophisticated misinformation campaign that attempts to keep us in the dark and confused about climate change.

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July 21, 2018

Saturday, 4 August 2018 at 12.00 noon – 1.00 pm, Garema Place

Adani is relentlessly pushing ahead with its plans to open its megamine in the Galilee Basin, despite major setbacks to the project we’ve made as a movement. We’ve convinced Australia’s biggest banks along with major international banks to refuse financing the mine, pressured the QLD State Government to veto Adani’s NAIF loan, AND forced major Adani partnering firms Aecom, Downer and Aurizon to cut ties to the project! Yet despite overwhelming opposition of ordinary Australians, our Federal Government is still committed to seeing Adani’s Carmichael coalmine up and running.

Over 75% of the population disapprove of the coalmine but still the LNP and the ALP refuse to step in and stop its construction. In fact, both major parties have actively supported the project.
Now more than ever it’s important to publicly show our opposition and demonstrate our determination to stop Adani! Join #StopAdani Canberra in protest to demand the government and Labor oppose the mine and move Australia beyond coal.

Wear your #StopAdani gear or red and black! Bring your friends, signs and your voice. This will be a fun, powerful and family-friendly event.